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Meet Janie

Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach &

Yoga Instructor

Digestion is known as a biological transit of consuming, transforming, absorbing, and eliminating foods. Our emotions follow a similar pathway 24/7. 

As a Certified Yoga Teacher & Nutrition Coach my mission is to guide people understanding how their physical and emotional digestions are interconnected. The gut-brain connection is a well known concept but understanding how it relates to our daily life may become a complex quest of ups and downs. The path towards healing may require introspection, and guidance through this journey may be highly beneficial.

Mindfulness practice, breathing techniques, yoga, and time in nature are modalities I use to better understand your unique needs and tailor an action plan suited for you.


I have no interest in offering you a quick fix or recommend a diet that would make you believe that I know better than you what your body and soul truly need.


What I thrive for is to share important informations and strategies with you on how to find what works best for you. I will share valuable, scientific-based informations and my personal experience. In order to be an active contributor to your healing protocole, you are invited to question and trust your intuition in order for you to open your mind and empower yourself to make lasting sustainable changes... that is the transformation.

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