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What does it means to have a Practice?

Having a Practice is all about the journey not the destination

Teaching Yoga has taught me how powerful and life changing my practice is, and I am reminded of this every day.

In sanskrit abhyāsa means practice. This represent the habits, repetitions, and discipline applied in one's spiritual journey. 


Disciple is about choosing. Discipline is a gift to ourself, which benefit others, on the long run. But it doesn't have to be dreading, time consuming, or complicated.


In my daily life I have develop my own personal practice which has changed and transformed according to the different stages of my life, the environment I live in, the people I am surround with, and my emotional state.

A practice is an opportunity for coming back to what we need according to how we feel now or daily. If we develop the skill to listen to our intuitive needs (to rest, sing, draw, be alone, go in Nature etc.) then we become more compassionate and available to care for others.


A Self-Care practice is a reminder that we deserve to be cared for in all our complexity and singularity. A morning walk without electronic, preparing a healthy meal, taking a warm bath, booking a massage, Taking a day-off from social media, meditation, focusing on our breath... are just a few accessible, free, and simple modalities to incorporate in our daily life in order to become more present and aware of how we feel. 

Using daily self-care practices support our mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health... and it is not always about adding to your plate... sometimes it's about taking things out.

When you forget, it is an opportunity to remember.

When you don't have time, it is an opportunity to take a breath, close your eyes, and feel.

With gratitude


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