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Let's Talk Perimenopause

Option 2 hr conference + discussion circle

Option 4 hr -  2 conferences (2 hr / each) + discussion circle + breath & meditation


For women from early 20s onward and men who wants to better support the women in their lives - Everyone welcome! ​

Please direct message me if you'd like me to come visit your local yoga studio.

Fall 2024 conference tour in Calgary, Montreal, Bolton (Qc), New York - dates will be announced soon!


We’ll dive into inflammation and stress… the inevitable foundation of our health and ailments! Hormonal signaling starts in the brain and our guts lead the way!

Digestion is known as a biological transit of consuming, transforming, absorbing, and eliminating foods (Poop matters!). Our emotions follow a similar pathway 24/7. What connects the two? Our hormones and microbes, little microscopic messengers influencing each other and  doing their best to keep us balanced and thriving!

The microbiome is 10 times larger than our cellular system (10:1 bugs to cells), is mostly along our digestive tract and contains 70-80% of our immune system. Yep, these little guys matter! 


My intention is to share valuable information and actionable nutrition &  lifestyle prompts to empower women through their health journey. 


Here’s some theme we’ll explore together:

What is Perimenopause

  • Perimenopause, menopause & postmenopause explained

  • Hormones: Their roles and why they matter.

  • The typical symptoms of perimenopause: what’s yours?

  • How do hormones affects; energy, weight, mood & sleep


How to mitigate stress & inflammation

  • Cephalic phase of digestion: calming the nervous system.

  • Blood sugar regulation in essentials!

  • Sleep: the gate to healing and regeneration

  • Toxic load exposure: It starts at the grocery store!

  • Inflammation - the root cause of all conditions

  • Food sensitivities: Signs, symptoms, and how to fix them.

  • Movement: Yoga, breath, other activity

  • Keep elimination pathways OPEN: Should be a priority


How to prepare for Post-Menopause

  • How diet and food directly affect hormone balance &  imbalance

  • Supplements, herbs, and other modalities

  • Love and connections: the least well kept secret

  • Hormone replacement therapy (B-HRT) Bioidentical vs synthetic


The gut microbiome  and how to care for my digestion

  • Trillions of important residents inside of you who call the shot!

  • What are prebiotics & probiotics: let's keep it simple

  • The role of the estrobolome

  • Lower Inflammation = increase immunity.

  • The effect of alcohol, caffeine, antibiotics and refined foods on our guts

  • Balanced meals: Whole foods, real foods, fat is not the enemy

  • Where do you invest your money: start at the grocery store!

  • Intermittent fasting: women benefit from doing it differently than men 

  • Best foods and supplements to explore: without breaking the bank


Looking forward to connect


My Offerings

Yoga + Nutrition = Holistic Health


SATURDAYS 9:30AM TO 10:30 AM at the Kitimat Public Library


4-week July 20th - Aug 10th 2024

DROP IN $20 / Series $55

Payment by @transfert or cash 


Talks & Team Building

 Let's talk about Health!


Tailored Talks to support social groups, or workers in their professional environment.

Food is Medicine! What you "feed" your body and mind can also be nourishing or depleting. Professional environment require a  work-Life balance and a connected team is needed for success to rise. The way we eat or relate to what's at the end of our fork affects our capacity to focus, our motivation, helps regulate our stress, creates meaningful human relationships, and increase overall happiness. What's in our plate fuels us to thrive in all aspect of our lives.

If we need to take care of ourself first in order to be ready to care for others, so why does it seems so confusing to understand what Health is about? 

Topics of Interest:

What food should we eat? How to choose the proper nourishment to support our work-Life balance?

How to mitigate inflammation - The root of all maladies

Mindful Eating - Lowering Stress

Nutrition to support Mental Health

The Gut-Brain connection - No longer a secret!
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